Automatic Horse Feeder Videos.

Videos of the automatic horse feeders at work feeding hay for two horses.

Here is a wall mounted automatic hay feeder that is installed in a hay shed. This horse feeder has a timer that is set to feed the horses 4 times a day, for a 45 minute duration. Automatic feeders are a great way to get the chores done, even when you are not there. Most of the time the horses start eating the food before the door is finished opening.

This video has the horse feeder doors closing on the wall mounted unit. It is normal to have a little bit of hay on the ground that the horses spill while they are eating. After the door closes they clean up any spilled hay. This helps reduce wasted hay also.

Clip showing the hay feeders doors opening automatically, while the two horses are waiting patiently to start eating their hay. After a short time of being fed by the automatic horse feeder, the horses become accustom to it and know what time to expect the doors to open for them.

This video shows the doors closing at one of the pre-set times. The timer on the feeder can be set to feed the horses anywhere from one to five different times per day. The timer can also take care of setting any length open duration desired for a feeding time. Load the automatic horse feeder with hay a couple of times a week, set the timer once and forget it. Save 35% or more on cost of hay for horses by cutting back on wasted hay. Horse feeder is solar powered for both safety and reliability.

This video clip shows the feeder door opening on the fence mount model. As the door is opening the horses decide the hay is greener on the other side of the feeder. The removable divider in the hay trough, and fence section in the middle of the feeder, help to keep everyone on thier own side when one horse gets too pushy and wants all the feed.

This video clip shows the feeder door closing on the fence mount model, after feeding time is over. The horses are busy cleaning up the spilled hay as the door closes.


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