Custom automatic horse feeders for sale.

Solar powered hay feeders with adjustable timer.
photo showing the side view of 4 horse feeder
The 4 horse automatic hay feeder with side doors open at the pre-set feeding time.
picture with the side view of one of the automatic hay feeders
Shown with the side doors closed after the programmed feeding time.

Digital timer allows multiple programming for feeding times and durations. Feed hay to your horses up to 5 times a day. Just set it and forget it.

Solar battery-powered low voltage eliminates danger of electric shock to horses and people, and insures hands free feeding of your stock on time even when your neighborhood suffers a electric power outage.

The automatic hay feeders have a full length door at one end, which allows access to the lifting device for raising the doors, the timer, and the solar panel control switch. The other end door can also be used for filling the hay rack.

a content and happy horse eating hay from the automated unit


This automatic hay feeding system has many advantages for both the owner and the horses.

  1. The horses will not get nervous and pace around looking for you at feeding time. They stand there relaxed knowing the doors will go down for feeding when it's time. Watch hay feeding videos.
  2. The horses always get the right amount of feed at the feeding time you want them to have. Works good with hot alfalfa. Eliminates over eating problems.
  3. The metal roof keeps food covered and dry even in the worst of storms. This covered feeder greatly reduces the chances of getting moldy hay that can make your livestock sick.
  4. Horses get fed hay as many times a day as you want without danger of being over fed. This is ideal for the owner that doesn't want to hurry to feed in the morning or hurry home to be on time. Great for cold snowy mornings, watch out the window as the horses are automatically fed.
  5. Horses are ready for you when you want to ride, you don't have to be there to feed them. Your not tied down to a strict schedule. Just fill the hay rack and forget it for a couple of days. This method can cut down on the waste by up to 35% . If the horses have a lot of time they will just pull out all the hay looking for the best stuff. Set the doors to close after 40 minutes and the horses will clean up the spilled hay, instead of trampling and wasting it. Minimizing wasted hay makes this automated feeder pay for itself quickly.

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