AUTOMATICALLY feeding hay to horses


AutomatIC HORSE feeders

Now you can automatically feed hay to your horses exactly at their feeding times every day without even being there.  Our timed feeders are reliable enough that you can go away for the weekend without worrying about your horses being fed. The heavy duty construction insures a long lasting trouble free operation for years to come.

Available for small bales, round hay bales, or Large squares. Load the hay rack once a week and forget it. The preset times you set on the timer assure that your horses will be fed their correct ration of hay on time every time, and at the feeding duration you select. Reduce your work load related to feeding horses. Save up to 35% on the cost by cutting back on wasted hay. Also greatly reduce the chances of colic due to overeating.


autoMATED HAY FEEDERS HAVE many advantages for the owner and the horses.

  • The horses always get the right amount of hay feed at the feeding time you want them to have. Works good with hot alfalfa. Eliminates over eating problems.
  • Horses get fed hay as many times a day as you want without danger of being overfed. This is ideal for the owner that doesn’t want to hurry to feed in the morning or hurry home to be on time.
  • This method can cut down on the waste by up to 50% . If the horses have a lot of time they will just pull out all the hay looking for the best stuff. Set the doors to close after 45 minutes and the horses will clean up the spilled hay, instead of trampling and wasting it. Minimizing wasted hay makes this automated feeder pay for itself quickly.
  • The metal roof keeps food covered and dry even in the worst of storms. This covered feeder greatly reduces the chances of getting moldy hay that can make your livestock sick.


The automatic round bale feeder is made for large square or round hay bales. Capable of feeding four horses at a time.

The heavy steel frame is mounted on skids for ease of moving. Adjustable solar panel provides all of the power for operating the feeder at any location.

Weighs 2200 lbs.

The four horse feeder is our most popular automated feeder. Capable of feeding four horses at a time. The hay hopper will hold 6 or 7 small hay bales when fully loaded.

It has a heavy duty steel frame mounted on skids with an adjustable solar panel.

Weighs 1900 lbs.


Two horse wall mounted automatic hay feeder. This unit is also easily installed completely inside your horse barn as a single stall feeder, or feeding hay to 2 adjoining stalls.

The installation of these automatic horse feeders is very versatile and it can be installed a number of different ways. For example it could be installed on either side of the fence line, or it could be installed in the middle of the pasture as a stand alone feeder.

Weighs 900 lbs.

Automate your hay feeding