Installing the wall mounted automatic horse feeder in a hay shed.

The wall mounted automatic horse feeder is shown here being installed in the end wall of a hay shed. This works out to be an ideal situation for feeding hay to the horses. Making it comfortable to fill up with hay and feed in any kind of weather. This unit is also easily installed completely inside your horse barn as a single stall feeder, or feeding hay to 2 adjoining stalls.

hay shed wall automatic horse feeder

We began by first removing the end wall from the hay shed, and checking the distance between the upright 4x4's. Next we placed the feeder between the upright 4x4's using a tractor to help with the lifting. The feeder is made with a large 4 inch vertical angle iron in each back corner, these are predrilled with holes for lag bolts. Once the feeder is set in place it is a simple matter of bolting the unit to the 2x4's or in this case the 4x4's.

finished installation loading hay in the hopper

After the feeder is set in place the hopper is easily pulled open and ready for filling with hay. The hopper is on hinges and folds in for ease of shipping and handling. In our situation we also extended the roof of the hay shed to completely cover the unit. Another option would be to install the outside wall of the feeder flush with the outside of the shed. Either way, this allows the feed hopper to be filled with hay as much as possible and be kept completely dry from the weather.

accessing the control panel access door swings open

The inside back paneling of the horse feeder hinges open to give easy accessibility to the battery and winch for examination or maintenance. The control board is additionally placed on the rear of the unit beneath a steel door that flips up for simple access. The control board contains switches for automatic or manual mode, a volt meter showing battery condition, a check strip for testing all functions, and also the timer which may be set for up to ten feeding times per day of any duration. The control board additionally contains a pair of terminals where the wire from the solar panel is connected after installation. The solar panel may be mounted anyplace inside a hundred foot distance of the feeder, and simply connected with a small electrical wire.


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