Installing the fence mounted automated horse feeder

The fence mounted automatic horse feeder is shown here being installed in the fence line of a horse pasture. This is a great way to feed hay to your horses without having to open a gate or enter the pasture with the horses. The installation of this feeder is very versatile and it can be installed a number of different ways. For example it could be installed on either side of the fence line, or it could be installed in the middle of the pasture as a stand alone feeder. This is the same unit that can be installed inside a barn as a stall feeder, or inserted into an outer wall of any building.

fenceline hay feeder automatic horse feeder

This hay feeder is very easy to install, it is mounted on two 4x4 posts that are buried in the ground 8 feet apart. The feeder is made with a large 4 inch vertical angle iron in each back corner, these are predrilled with holes for lag bolts. Once the unit is set in place it is a simple matter of bolting the unit to the 4x4's. We recommend burying the 4x4's at least 3 feet deep for stability. In severe applications the 4x4's could be set in concrete.

tightening the lag bolts detail of bolted 4x4

After the feeder is in place the hopper is easily pulled open and ready for hay. The hopper is on hinges and folds in for ease of shipping and handling. In this installation we also added a roof to completely cover the unit. Both of the end doors also swing open to facilitate loading the hay bales in.

horses eating hay fence divider

All of our full size feeders come with a divider in the middle of the feeding trough. This helps if the boss horse chases the other horses while eating. As you can see in the picture a simple fence section has been constructed at the divider to keep everyone on their own side of the trough. This is also how this feeder could feed two paddocks, or two adjacent stalls in a barn.


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