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This Horse Resource Center provides answers to commonly asked questions regarding horse feeding, watering, care, and supplies. It is a convenient and comprehensive place to gain some wisdom. View the helpful articles listed below. These articles offer tips, advice and how to do it methods to assist you with your equine needs.

Health effects when using a lean to horse shelter
Traditionally a lean to horse shelter is composed of three standing walls covered by a sloping roof. The fourth wall being left open to allow free access for the horses to go in and out of the shelter. Often this type of building is also referred to as a horse run-in, or loafing shed. This is a very easy and affordable way to provide protection for your horses.... Read more.
Installing Automatic Horse Watering System
This is a great way to have a automatic horse watering system for your livestock year around. It relies on a small stream of water dumped into a plastic watering trough. The idea is to keep the water moving so it does not get a chance to freeze. The water pipes that are exposed under the basin in the CMP (corrugated metal pipe), are kept from freezing by air that is sucked through the water and drain perforated field drain pipe that is buried about 6 feet deep..... Read more.
Tips On Horse Run in Sheds
There are many different kinds of horse run in sheds on the internet and in the magazines. There are a multitude of plans to build them out of lumber, and DIY kits to build them out of pipe, tin, and steel angle iron. I would like to go over..... Read more.
Build a Horse Riding Arena Wooden Fence
When we did our horse riding arena we built a complete perimeter wooden fence. It is made of wood posts and boards that will match our out buildings and horse sheds. Our arena is 200 x 100 total feet, with a 12 foot gate at each end. Using 8 inch posts, and 2 x 6 boards that are 16 feet long. Posts were spaced 8 feet apart, this enables us to fasten each 2 x 6 board to 3 wooden posts...... Read more.


Web sites of interest about horses and related items.

Check out some of the web sites listed below for more horse and feed related products and information. This is in no way a comprehensive list of all of the horse related web sites available. There are way too many great sites to be listed here on this page. If you know of a horse related web page that you would like to see listed here, drop us a line and tell us about it.

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